Mary McLean Hypnotherapy

Mary McLean Hypnotherapy

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  1. What is hypnosis? Although some people think hypnosis is like sleep, this is not the case. It is simply a relaxed state of focused attention. When you are in hypnosis, unlike when you’re asleep, you are fully aware of what is going on. You are also fully in control and can emerge from hypnosis any time you want.
  2. What is hypnotherapy? Hypnotherapy is therapy done while you are in hypnosis. During hypnotherapy you and I together can access the control centre of your mind and make the changes YOU want to make. We do this by bypassing the critical part of the conscious mind to change your thoughts, your feelings and your actions to
    the ones you’d prefer to have. These changes will help you to feel much more confident and to be the best version of YOU.
  3. What does hypnosis / hypnotherapy feel like? It is a feeling of deep relaxation, similar to that of meditation.
  4. How does hypnotherapy work? By guiding you into a relaxed state of hypnosis we can access the control centre of your mind. Together we can change your thoughts, feelings and actions to YOUR chosen thoughts, feelings and actions.
  5. How many sessions will I need? The full course of Hypnotherapy is usually 6 sessions, and includes a Mind Coaching call between each Hypnotherapy session. It can vary from person to person. Some people find at the end of the 6 sessions, they want to explore other issues. The choice is yours. The first session (after your FREE 15 minute consultation) will last for about an hour and a half. Each subsequent session will be 50 minutes. If you are uncertain if the full course is for you right now, why not get my Breaking Through to Confidence audio. That way you can reduce the symptoms of chronic stress and increase confidence simply by enjoying 60 minutes of deep hypnotic relaxation in the comfort of your own home, and enjoy the experience as often as you like.
  6. Can I get stuck in hypnosis? No, just as you cannot get stuck in relaxation or meditation, you cannot get stuck in hypnosis.
  7. Is hypnotherapy dangerous? No, not when you are working with a client-centred Registered and Certified Hypnotherapist. Working with any unqualified therapist, regardless of the discipline, is not advisable. Always check the hypnotherapist’s credentials and choose carefully. Be sure you trust the therapist you choose. Also ensure you feel rapport with them.
  8. How can Hypnotherapy help? Hypnotherapy is an excellent therapy and can help you to reduce the symptoms of stress, and so increase confidence. By re-programming your limiting beliefs you can achieve the right mindset and learn to be calm, relaxed, and confident whenever you want or need to be.

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