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Two Years of Menopause and Chronic Stress

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I had to find a solution – FAST

My stress levels were through the roof. What on earth was I going to do!

Two years earlier I’d had a full hysterectomy.

My doctor had warned me, that because it was a surgically induced menopause, I would be plunged headlong into a very severe menopause.

And because it was done due to a cancerous tumour, she could not prescribe HRT.

My inclination is always to check out natural solutions first but this time the decision was taken out of my hands. I tried some solutions from my local health store but nothing worked.

It seemed there was little anyone could do to help relieve the symptoms. I was on my own.

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Two years later nothing had improved.

  • I wasn’t sleeping thanks to hot flushes.
  • I tossed and turned all night every night.
  • I woke angry and irritable every morning.
  • I suffered chronic stress and I was snapping at everyone.
  • I knew I was doing it but couldn’t stop myself.
  • Then I felt even worse and constantly berated myself.

My Mam told me she never suffered during menopause.

In fact, she told me she didn’t go through menopause because she had a hysterectomy. That was her understanding. Now I know that’s not correct.

My sisters, both of whom are older than me, never suffered either. But I was really suffering. Chronic stress was ruling my life and everything was a struggle.

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My family and I had been through a difficult time – a cancer diagnosis, followed by post-operative complications led to a bowel resection.

I was out of action for almost a year. I felt lucky to be alive.

But now my family was suffering again because of the way I was acting.

I had to do something to save my sanity, and my family, from the demon I had become.

At that time ( 2010), nobody talked openly about menopause. Most people knew about hot flushes and weight gain. But that was about it. Thankfully that has changed for the better.

If people had been more open about Menopause and the chronic stress it causes for so many women. and how it could dramatically alter life as I knew it, I would have been more prepared for what lay ahead.

I might not have felt so alone, so fed up, so frustrated and so overwhelmed. No wonder it was referred to in the past as “the change of life”.

Apart from the lack of sleep, due to hot flushes, which caused extreme tiredness, my hormones had gone haywire.

This led to me feeling completely out of control and struggling with daily life.

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Then my eldest son recommended a book that changed everything. The book was called “Creating a Bug Free Mind” by Andy Shaw.

It was 2010 and the first time I heard of the power of gratitude.

It’s no exaggeration to say it changed my life.

Within about 10 days my stress levels had dropped dramatically even though nothing else in my life had changed.

I was delighted the next time something happened that had previously sent me on a rant. Although I was a bit annoyed, I didn’t feel overwhelmed with rage.

This was a new experience and one that I still enjoy today.

What had changed was MY RESPONSE and HOW I FELT.

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Attitude of Gratitude

Sometimes when my life gets busy I forget to do my gratitude exercise. Very quickly I feel my stress beginning to creep back in.

But once I get back to my gratitude practice I’m back on track quickly. It’s been a godsend.

Over the years I have added to that daily practice. I now have lots of ways of reducing the symptoms of stress, some of which work almost instantly. I don’t always want to wait 10 days to get back to an even keel.

My Tips to Reduce The Symptoms of Chronic Stress Naturally

Below are some of the things I do that help me to reduce my stress levels and get me back on track. Some of them might work for you too:

Taking a long walk

I’m blessed that I live on a quiet road in the heart of the countryside. Exercising outside in nature is a well-known stress reliever and mood booster. If you don’t live in the countryside, you can walk in your nearest park.

Walking barefoot on the beach

I adore the feeling of the sand beneath my toes, the smell of the sea, and the feel of the sea breeze on my skin. As I live an hour and twenty minutes from my nearest beach it’s not something I can do every day or at the drop of a hat. But on average I enjoy a monthly trip, more often during the summer. Maybe you’re lucky to have a beach near you.


There’s nothing like a good book to transport me into a different world and take my mind off anything that’s bothering me. At bedtime, it has to be a good old-fashioned romance, preferably with a happen ending. I also love personal development books but only read them during the day, maybe on a lazy Sunday afternoon after a busy week. Reading a personal development book at night leaves my mind too alert and interferes with a good night’s sleep.

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My Tips to Reduce Symptoms of Stress

Creative writing

I love to grab a pen and notebook and get lost in a world of make-believe, allowing my mind to create interesting characters and situations. If writing doesn’t do it for you, maybe you prefer painting or baking or another creative activity.

Going for coffee or lunch

This was one of the things I missed most during the pandemic. Nothing compares to going for lunch or coffee with a good friend. Sometimes it involves sharing what’s stressing me or my friend out. Sometimes it’s simply leaving aside all our troubles for a little while and spending quality time together.

Pottering in my garden or greenhouse

I would never win gardener of the year but when I potter I’m in flow. Any worries seem a million miles away as I focus on planting, pruning, or feeding. And when I’m done, though I’m physically tired, mentally I feel energised.

Listening to a relaxation audio

This is such a great way to relax and something I can do every day. It takes no time at all as I listen as I drift off to sleep every night. And when I listen regularly the result is accumulative. I feel so much calmer.

Dancing around my kitchen while listening to some lively music

Along with the relaxation audio, this is one of the best as I can do it alone, in my own home and it takes very little time. Walking on the beach is something I can’t do every day. Reading or creative writing takes time too.

And pottering in my garden is weather dependent. Even being in my greenhouse is limited at times. In the depths of winter, there’s little to be done there.  

But dancing is something I can do anytime. It quickly lifts my spirits. When I was a teenager, my cousin and I danced around my bedroom to Abba.

Apart from music having the power to lift my spirits, I also enjoy taking a very pleasant trip down memory lane.

If you’re struggling with the symptoms of menopausal stress or any kind of chronic stress, be sure to figure out what’s YOUR best approach.

A little stress in life is normal but life is too short for chronic stress.

Some of the above tips will make a huge difference, and quite quickly too. Maybe reading, writing or gardening aren’t your thing.

Why not grab and pen and paper, or use the notes on your phone, and write a list of activities that you love, or ones you loved in the past when you felt you had more time FOR YOU.

Your health and happiness depend on it.

A good place to start is by listening to a relaxation audio while you drift off to sleep. The testimonials below are from some of the participants in my Sleep & Healing Study in 2022.

For 30 days each of the participants agreed to listen to my Hypno Healing Audio at bedtime in exchange for an honest testimonial. The results were absolutely amazing.

If you’re looking for the perfect relaxation audio why not order my Hypno Healing Audio here.

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If you’re looking for the perfect relaxation audio why not order my Hypno Healing Audio here.

Listen every night at bedtime for 30 consecutive nights and let me know how you get on.

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