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3 Simple Tips To Keep Myself Motivated!

3 Simple Steps

In the past I often found it difficult to keep myself motivated.

But then I started this simple system and it works a treat. 

It also helps me to reduce stress as I find I get so much more done every day.

  1. Write a “to do this week” list that includes even the tiny jobs
  2. Use a smiley face when completed – so much more satisfying than a little tick
  3. Copy and paste the remaining tasks onto tomorrows list – that way everything gets done – eventually

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
Sadly, I can identify with that!
I have always loved writing lists. I know………..boring!
I’ve been slagged about it my whole life. But anytime I find a simple and effective way to keep me organised and motivated so that I reduce stress, I apply it wherever I can.

When our children were small I’d write a shopping list and then………………… leave it on the kitchen table. Oops

Oh no what did I forget this time?

But somehow, writing down what I needed helped me to remember most of it, even if the list was regularly left at home.

Of course sometimes I forgot something vital (like tea or sugar) but, as we live in the countryside, the “oh so important item” would simply have to wait till the next trip to town.

Now I write my “to do this week” list most days and also put the things I have to do on my next trip to town on a separate list on my phone.

Heaven forbid I’d forget to bring my phone.

My list is a crazy mix of business and personal:

  • Send an email to my loyal subscribers
  • Get a birthday or anniversary card for a friend of family member
  • Check the greenhouse for slugs
  • Water my tomatoes
  • Buy toothpaste

I write a fairly long list, putting those things I have to do today at the top, knowing I won’t get everything done today – I have a whole week to complete it.

It means when I have something scheduled later in the week I can work through it and get everything important done on time.

Having  “Get a birthday or anniversary card” for someone special means I can be absolutely sure I won’t forget.

And, just as important, it helps me to reduces because I don’t have it in the back of my mind distracting me every minute of the day.

I put a smiley face 😊 beside each item as I complete it and I feel really good as I do it.

That’s why I put the little things on my list.

I feel a huge sense of accomplishment when I look and see so many smiley faces.


I can feel the stress melting away and it encourages me to do even more.

Sounds like a win / win to me.

And last but certainly not least, I copy and paste the remaining tasks onto tomorrows list – that way everything gets done – eventually 

I’d love to hear how you keep yourself motived.

Add a comment, email me at or WhatsApp me on 086 0779077 (00353 86 0779077 if you’re outside the Republic of Ireland)

I’m always open to new tips and tricks to simplify my life.

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Helping you to reduce stress and increase confidence 1 1
Helping you to reduce stress and increase confidence


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